Mission Memorial Day honors the Fallen, Serves the Community,

and Helps Remember

Almost 1 million men and women have died for our country since the American Revolution in 1775. How do we repay that debt to them on Memorial Day? A day off from work to go get that mattress that finally is on sale and BBQ with some friends. We as Americans have become spoiled, with men and women that will raise their right hands for nothing to give their lives for our freedoms. We at Mission Memorial Day had seen our friends killed in front of us, our bodies bruised and broken, all of us climbing to chase away our past, while climbing to remember the ghosts of our past. So, we set out on a mission. We want to inspire a dismissal of the current norm for the last Monday in May, and embrace in a dutiful remembrance of our loved ones. The day is about honoring their sacrifice, by decoration of monuments and graves, or by pushing ourselves to exhaustion and fulfillment while we carry names of the fallen. Mission Memorial Day is set out on the task to bring back the true meaning of Memorial Day, and serve not only those who made it back from the battle field, but also those who didn’t. We must never forget to honor the fallen.


Where it all began, Mission Memorial Day 2015, Denali


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POW/MIA Bracelets, started back in 1970 for Vietnam Soldiers

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