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Mission Memorial Day Name Submission

There is a long history of mountaineers and veterans climbing in honor of others, often times carrying objects such as KIA bracelets or flags, with the names of the fallen of those they lost, their battle buddies, to the top of mountains to let their spirit fly out into the world and ensure that they are not forgotten. It is an amazing experience that keeps the memories of our lost, loved ones alive. But while the Mission Memorial Day team traditionally climbs with the names of those we lost in Iraq and Afghanistan, and others around the US do the same, who is carrying the names of those lost, for those that cannot climb?

What about the widow in New York, whose husband died in WWII?

Or the man in Florida whose brother died Vietnam?

We want to help honor those lost, for those that are unable to climb for whatever reason. Not only do we want to help carry names, but we want veterans and civilians across the nation to do the same, in an efforts to band together and create a nationwide community of those that choose remembrance over retail for at least one day of the year, Memorial Day.

Please submit as many names as you wish in the form below. It can be your spouse, a relative, community member, or anyone that you wish to honor, whether you knew them or not. The only requirement is they must have died while serving this country in the military. We recognize this may be a sensitive step, or you may have questions. Please click here if you wish to contact us if you do. If you wish to get involved in your community carrying names, please click here. And as always, Please help us spread the word so we can honor as many as possible